We’re a small but perfectly formed brand

communications agency and we lived in an old mill.


In Jan 2010 we launched a new breed of agency.

One that deliberately set out to stay on the small side. One that had a real focus and different values.

The result? A family-owned and run, full-service agency for family-owned retail businesses.

We plan strategy and create joined-up, integrated communication campaigns to reach the right kind of shoppers, wherever they are.

What’s in a name?

In the grand scheme of things, a propeller is a small, but vitally important part. Without it, moving forwards is not possible. Hence our promise to always be right behind you and your business.

Just doing it.

Our approach is simple. We dig deep to reveal truths and perceptions. We talk straight. We ask awkward questions, listen and learn. We work out what’s needed and when. Then we do it. Properly.

Family business-friendly.

We’re a family business, so working for family businesses, with their sibling differences and generation gaps, is our speciality. Flexibility, tact and diplomacy rule – we try to keep everyone happy.

Meet the Waddingtons


MD and Ship's Captain

Planner, strategist, organiser, orchestra conductor and client troubleshooter. Over three decades of client-side and agency experience. Member of The Marketing Society (TMS) and Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM).


Director, Writer & Producer

Has a love of words first and foremost, plus over 15 years self-employed/freelance experience of TV, cinema, radio and video productions for brands like Microsoft, Clarks and Orange.


Account Manager

Master's graduate and IDM-trained, social media marketing expert Romy, is a dab hand at keeping plenty of plates spinning - as well as also being responsible for research and analysis, digital and offline production management.


Freelance Digital Consultant

Our very own coder is our 'go-to' for day-to-day bits and bytes and techie stuff. We also work with other very talented freelance specialists in UX design, digital production and technical development.

Burt the Bortzu
Burt the Bortzu


Family businesses are the backbone of UK business.

More than 30,000 family-owned businesses have been set up in the UK since 2010 (including ours), providing 9.4m jobs. The family-owned business sector accounts for almost one quarter of UK GDP.

In our experience, family-owned businesses are more fun. They aren’t bulbous, overly structured and stuffily corporate. And we like clients like that.

We like the nimbleness, quick decision-making, flexibility and a willingness to give an idea a go. After all, it’s all about long term sustainable growth – passing something better on to the next generation.

Source: Oxford Economics for IFB